Unlocking Extra marks for GS 2(Mains) Exam

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Includes all PYQ since 2017

Visual Representation Strategies.

Includes importance case studies, supreme court cases, articles, facts & figures.

A must buy Book for all  Serious IAS Aspirants

Created by IAS Toppers

Both Gaurav Budania and Aakriti cracked the IAS exam in their First IAS Mains exam

Unlocking thought process

You can generate multiple ideas once you go through how toppers write answers

Covers 60% of Syllabus

The book helps you in covering maximum part of the syllabus and save time. Majority of the questions in mains are thematically repeated every year.

Key Features of the Handwritten PYQ Book

Covers Repetitive Ethical themes with Diagrams

✅60% of the syllabus gets repeated in a thematic manner in the UPSC Mains. This book covers all the themes

✅Master the art of recycling the points as per the need of the question and write the best answers in GS Paper 2 with examples.

Includes Conceptual Micro-diagrams

✅When you include visually rich points in your answers, you will get more marks in the exam.

✅Get High-quality Micro diagrams and Graphs for all Previous year question and answers.

✅Quick diagram techniques by toppers to illustrate complex points.

Includes Standard Approach for GS answers

✅Facts and Figures are the heart and soul of the Mains exam to prove your point.

✅Use the exact framework of implementing facts and figures directly from the toppers.

✅Get a clear framework of when to use facts and how to use facts in a precise manner.


PYQ of GS Paper 2 Handwritten Notes  of Toppers


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Rs 499/-

GS 1, GS 2, GS 3, GS 4 PYQ Handwritten notes of Toppers 


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Rs 399/- per book 

GS 1 + GS 2 + GS 3 + GS4 Handwritten notes of Toppers + PYQ Booster Classes


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Classes + 4 Books

What students think about the book

Students love the Books

Helped me learn the "Structure" of the answer

The General studies is so vast. I was looking for previous year question and answer notes on the internet and I found this one. This is the best hand written notes that helped me how to create structure for our answers. 

  • - Amit Pandey

Very helpful for beginners

I will be attempting the exam next year. After going through the books written by Dr Gaurav sir and Akriti mam, i have confidence that even i can write UPSC Mains answers.

  • - Vishnu Gowda

High quality content in One book

With this one book, i covered nearly 50% of the GS Paper 2 syllabus, that too with high quality content. I dont have to make seperate notes now.

  • - Nisha Jacobs

Amazing Content

This book is written very nicely. This gives a deep insight on how IAS toppers approach a question and how I should be writing answers.

  • Biswajeet das